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The Priest Triad of Virtues: Piety

So, I chose an example from local affairs, eventually and as with Courage, it´s the WWII again..

The native expression is “Zbožnost”, deriving from the same root as the Pan-Slavic word for God (Bog). It has just the same ambivalent connotations to Pagans as the English equivalent.

Interestingly, the Latin originating word “Pieta” has been preserved in Czech up till today, meaning honourable treatment of the deceased, places of historical significance, especially war sites, and keeping the customs honoring the fallen ones, both victims and heroes. Keeping the cult, in whole.

Unfortunately “Pieta”, just like the ceremonies held annually at war monuments, seems to be a vanishing remnant of some former age. As I contemplate in the Courage essay, our standards for what constitutes a Virtue are a subject to change during history.
The Alliance of the Fighters Against Fascism has recently protested against an online advertisement the Lidice memorial has ordered in order to attract the young people, untouched by history, to visit the museum. (Lidice was a random village totally wiped out by the Nazis in revenge for the Reich Protector´s assassination.)

The ad posed as an online game called “Total Burnout”, offering the player a weapon of his choice to massacre a village. Then a screen appeared What are you playing at? with the history of the tragedy and an invitation to the museum.

Was it a breaking of Piety? Or a creative way how to encourage Piety?

Only the Powers know for sure. Sometimes it seems to me that with Piety “any effort is good”, especially in the context of one of the world´s most atheist nations.