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Virtues: Perseverance

Thanks chronarchy for explaining the difference between "treat" and "trait", else I would go trick-or-treating on you all!

Perseverance means a continuous exercise of one´s will. It consists of overcoming challenges and distractions in order to reach a certain goal. To finish a distance training programme is a good example of a situation where one depends upon the virtue of Perseverance. In fact, every kind of personal development relies heavily on the ability to face challenge.

Out of the Nine Virtues, I believe being relentless is my strongest trait. As with every Virtue, it may reach the point when it becomes a vice, either when we exhibit too little or too much of the quality. I have an inborn tendency to become very goal-oriented when something catches my mind and I have experienced the point when relentlessness conflicts with one´s mental and physical health (Fertility), the spiritual life (Piety) or plain Moderation.

Some fellow Druids consider Patience a virtue, and I agree it´s important. Sometimes, when things are beyond our control, no amount of wilful and goal-oriented action will help and this is when the mysterious quality of Patience strikes in. I see Patience as a combination of certain aspects of Piety (the conscious notion that your success ultimately depends on the Powers) and Moderation (we have a comparison in Czech for a relentless person that says they “leave corpses behind”). At least in my case, I feel without Patience the Perseverance might easily turn into a vice.