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Virtues: Fertility

Thanks go to chronarchy for saying he really, really liked this one :-)

There is a story in the New Testament I remember from a child´s colouring book, about a man who went abroad and gave his three sons certain amount of money. Surprisingly for me, the one that was admonished was the one who just buried his part under a bush to “keep it safe”. Nobody will rob him of it, but he also won´t add any value – zero count, which is just not good enough.

Although I don´t go to church any more, this story still encompasses my understanding of Fertility and why it is a Virtue. The Deities have gifted each of us with a unique set of talents and we have the duty to bring that into fruition. We are explicitly asked to bear fruits just like any other living plant or an animal. Survival is no longer enough, since we are living in the most wealthy society and we have far more choices available for our lives than our ancestors had.

To do only what you are asked to do all your life and to always choose the easier path can lead to Indolence, or worse, one can become a drag to the community who supports him. This is the point where my understanding of Fertility touches the Noble Virtue of Asatru, Self-Reliance. Self-Reliance is the conscious cultivation of one´s potential in order to be self-supportive to the extent that our limitations allow us, thus becoming a valuable member of the community. A community made of Self-Reliant or spiritually Fertile people then flourishes.

It´s such a sacred duty that we can see the emergence of whole New Religious Movements centered around this concept. These believers, in my opinion, make the mistake that they place Fertility before all other Virtues, making it a universal commandment. Clearly such stance is not compatible with the Nine Pagan Virtues ethics of Our Druidry, where it could be seen as conflicting with Moderation, and more importantly, Piety. The Human Potential and New Age Movements shift Piety aside by concentrating on the immanent side of Divinity only; that is the only Divinity one should worship is the one within, by means of developing one´s potential. Since our relationship to the Powers is one of ghosti, my Fertility stops at the point when it reaches the realm of the Powers.