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I am packing my stuff for today's opening of another one week ecumenical training which is taking place in my own city. The venue is a reconstructed old farmhouse turned into an eco center, which I look forward to very much.

The last seminar took place in Albania and the country was a bit of an adventure. I wrote about my life-changing experince for the campaign's journal, Fundamental Issues, and won at Oak Awards, a competition of several Druidic orders. By the way, Mike from RDNA was about to return from Laos in May and send me the award, and I'm still waiting. (As fast as.... ).

I will also be writing a scholarly article - for a reviewed monography! - about new religious movements in Czech Republic, and perhaps even speak at a conference next year. I got this job through one of my Ecumenical council contacts, from a guy who stdies theology and law (in order to have someting to eat).

I hope this time I will come better preared and less anxious and represent our movement well. Although recently my university mentor wrote to me, after reading my essay, that he can see I have a "Christian spiritual core" (he actually used a word denoting a very small seed). Unfotunately, I quite agree. There is no other tradition of Western thought, philosophy and theology, and in intellectual Catholicism I feel much more at home with my reflections about faith, than among radicalized, confused teens and tweens who profoundly despise science, "the establishment" and rational criticism of just about anything. I've never been a "feel" person and this aspect of new religious movements, this focus on (intense) experiece, has made me uncomfortable.

I don't mind intense spiritual experience as long as I am left a place for critical judgement. When I am pushed to neglect it and given black and white explanations, I get stuck. Like a genuine Taurus, I don't move an inch.

I'm in my 2nd month (no, not that, my business) and so far everything is going according to long-term predictions.


Jun. 26th, 2009 07:05 pm (UTC)
I am doing a Pagan devotional tomorrow for 30 Christian and Muslim, pray for me! ;)