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You may remember back then I wrote how I got a strange divination result when asking "When should I my Dedicant Oath." The response was after I have received a particular Pagan store catalog and ordered a pendant from it. When the catalog arrived, most surprisingly 2 months after I had ordered it, I was cheered.

I dropped a note somewhere I am waiting for the spirits to send me some money to buy a Dedicant pendant and, with the intervention of PayPal I got 666 CZK today. Which is not surprising, at all, considering the identified donator has something to do with Discordia. To make things even more conspicous, the same minute I got another two emails, which were "back in stock" alerts, showing me two of the pendants I have been considering are back in stock now. The spirits gave me two options and out of them I chose this beautiful amber drop with peridot:



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Feb. 27th, 2009 01:10 am (UTC)
A good choice, I think ;)
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